Good Wednesday night!  I hope your week is going fantastic!  Mine has been pretty good actually.  I am enjoying this fantastic weather and have been getting a ton of projects done around the house.  I was off for a week as I had to take a road trip to Chicago and get a few changes on my migraine treatment.  But I am back and in the swing of things.  We have a couple of storm systems rolling in over the next three days that could give most of the area in the range of 2-4″ of rain.  That is a lot of rain, I should have mowed today!

Thunderstorms will roll in late tonight and Thursday morning.  However, the severe threat is low, but I will watch it.  Here is a look at late tonight.

I think severe threat is low but will be watched.  Scattered showers and thunderstorms will continue through the morning but shift south by the afternoon hours.  However, as the next wave rolls in the rain will shift back north late Thursday night.

Periods of showers and thunderstorms on Friday with heavy amounts of rain.

It looks like most of the severe threat will stay just south of the area.  But I will watch it.  Showers will stick around through at least Saturday morning.  Plus much cooler temperatures.  We are right on track with the Heady Pattern.  We are about to wrap with the 5th cycle we have seen in this stretch.  Here in just a couple of months the new cycle will start.  We  have been in a 57 day cycle since last July.  Here is a look at the system rolling through Friday and Saturday.

Now the Jet Stream was stronger back in February but here is the same system on Feb 24th 57 days earlier.

Make sure you check out my long range forecast below.  Here shortly I will take it out through the entire summer and into early fall week by week for you.




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Next Week: A cool start to the week, but a big warm-up by the middle of the week with thunderstorm chances on Wednesday and Thursday.

April 30th-May 6th: A mild start to the week, but warming up quickly.  Thunderstorms on Tuesday and Wednesday.   A little cooler the rest of the week with thunderstorms again on Saturday.

May 7th-13th: Great temperatures most of the week with thunderstorms on Monday, Thursday and Friday. Temperatures should be into the mid 80s to near 90 most of the week.

May 14th-20th:  A warm week with slight chances for thunderstorms on Thursday.  Better chances for thunderstorms that could be severe by the weekend.

May 21st-27th:  A cooler start to the week with mild temperatures and showers on Sunday.  Warming back up for the second half of the week.  Thunderstorms, that could be severe on Wednesday and Friday.

May 28th-June 3rd:  A warm start to the week with thunderstorm chances on Sunday.  Really heating up for the middle of the week with slight chances for thunderstorms on Friday and Saturday.

June 4th-10th:  A warm to hot week with slight chances for thunderstorms on Thursday and Saturday.

We will have a stretch of hot temperatures from June 8th-12th, the 15th-26th of June will also be another very hot stretch. I will look into July and August in my next blog.