I hope you had a great work week and of course look forward to the weekend.  My week was fast and great!  I am getting around and about to head out the door for another vacation with a trip to Colorado this time.  The fam and I have all kinds of things planned but I will keep you updated on the weather.

On my next longer blog, I will get into the new cycle that is really taking shape.  However, remember the old 49 day cycle is still in place.  It is fading but still in place and will be for another month or two as the new cycle becomes the dominate cycle.

Of course the heat and humidity will stick around across the 4-state region(KS,OK,AR,MO) over the weekend.  However, we do have a cold front that will dive south on Sunday and start to change our weather up.  Lets take a look.  Here is the upper level map for Sunday.

Sunday 500

I put the Jet Stream on the map for you with our wonderful High pressure.  However, you can see the storm system digging in across the northern plains.  This will help drag a cold front south.  This did happen 49-50 days ago.  Lets go back to May 7th.

May 7th

You can see that same system across the northern plains.  Also the High pressure is in place as the same pattern was in place.  However, on Sunday, the front will drag south and fire off scattered strong thunderstorms.

Sunday precip

Most of these will be after 3pm and in the circle.  Dad I know you read my blogs and most of the storms will be south of Morgan Co.  Some of the storms could be strong so we will have to keep our eyes on them.  Behind the front, our temperatures will actually cool down a bit.

The extreme heat is gone through the 4th of July.  A stormy pattern will pick back up the week of the 4th of July with the heat kicking back in the week of the 10th.



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Next Week:  Warm to hot through the middle of the week with rain chances on Sunday and Monday.  Another cold front will try to sag south the second half of the week with scattered thunderstorms Wednesday through Saturday.

July 3rd-9th:  Hot temperatures return with mainly dry conditions.  A slight chances for a few thunderstorms late in the week but mainly dry.

July 10th-16th:  Hot and mainly dry with a few thunderstorms late in the week.

July 17th-23rd:  Another hot week with very slight chances for thunderstorms on Wednesday.

July 24th- 30th:  Hot with slight chances for thunderstorms on Monday and Tuesday.