Good Friday afternoon!  I hope your week has been great!  Mine has been pretty good but very busy.  I am sorry I haven’t gotten this blog updated as much lately as I have been on some serious vacation this summer.  The summer is my vacation time as I don’t take any days off during the fall, winter and spring.  That is our busy season and I like to be around as I am a true weather nerd.

So I am trying to get some stuff done around the house today and also get some bills payed, ugh.  I hate paying bills like every other person on this planet.  At least the weather should be some what interesting as we work through the evening and overnight hours tonight.

So far it has turned out to be another nice day with highs back into the mid to upper 80s across the region.  We will have a few pop-up thunderstorms with the heating of the day.


During the evening hours, we will have a few random pop-up storms.  The bigger thunderstorms will be across central KS with the cold front that will start plowing east through the evening hours.  However, the few isolated storms that we have could cause a few issues for High School Football, but I don’t see it being a huge problem.  As the evening pushes on, we will see the line of showers and thunderstorms working in mainly after 10pm.  Some of these could be on the strong side.


We will have scattered showers and thunderstorms through the overnight hours the will slowly push south into Arkansas by morning.  A cold front will drop through during the morning hours and push all of the showers and thunderstorms across the southern plains.  This will allow most of the central plains to clear out and cool down.

Saturday PM

Most of us will only have high temperatures into the upper 70s which is just crazy for the middle of August.

Saturday temperatures

Of course we will heat right back up next week.

Over the weekend I will go in-depth with what is going on with the Heady Pattern.  The old pattern is closing out as we are in the morphing stage from old to new which will be set by the 3rd week of September.  You can still see the old 49 day cycle that we have been in since July 10th of 2015.  However, the new cycle is also in place and has now become the dominant cycle and will be in place for about the next year.  This will and already has shown me how the fall, winter and spring will set up.  We are in a very weak La Nina to almost neutral which which will be interesting for the fall and winter.  The Heady Pattern influences La Nina and that is the key!  The cycle influences La Nina.  I think our new cycle length is interesting but very predicted at our current La Nina strength.  So I will go into great details about this and what it means over the weekend.



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Next Week:  Warm with slight chances for thunderstorms most of the week.

August 28th-September 3rd:  Heating up for the first half of the week and mainly dry.  Warm the second half of the week with chances for thunderstorms.

September 4th-10th:  Warm with thunderstorm chances on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Cooler but mainly dry the rest of the week.

September 11th-17th:  A warm start to the week with thunderstorm chances.  Turning cooler for the middle of the week with a warming trend toward the weekend.  Rain chances return for Friday and Saturday.

September 18th-24th:  Warm and dry through the first half of the week.  A little cooler the second half of the week with rain chances on Thursday and Friday.

September 25th-October 1st:  A mild start to the week with rain chances on Monday and Tuesday.  Turning cooler the rest of the week but mainly dry.