Good Wednesday Night/Thursday morning!  I hope your week is going great so far.  Mine has been pretty good.  I have been super busy but it has turned out to be a pretty good week.  I am greatly enjoying the sun not setting till 7:30 during the evening.  This will make the weekends so much better with the additional daylight during the evenings.  Plus our temperatures are starting to warm back up.  We should make it up right around 60 on Thursday.

This warming trend will continue right into Friday and the weekend.  However, we do have a weak system that will work through late Thursday night and Friday.  This will give us a few scattered showers, mainly on Friday.

Even though we have a weak cold front that will drop through the area, I really don’t see much cold air behind the front.  Temperatures should be great over the weekend.  We have another weak wave on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday with some scattered showers across the region.  However, I don’t see any severe weather chances until about next Thursday.  Let me show you what I am looking at.

Here is the upper level pattern for next Wednesday night.  You can see the storm system kicking out of the rockies.  We will warm up ahead of this system and could have strong to severe storms next Thursday.  Now this is right on track with the Heady Pattern.  We have been in a 57 day cycle now since late last July.  So we have gone through many cycles over the past 8 months or so.  Lets look back at the last two cycles.  We will go back 57 days.

You can see this same system kicking out back on January 24th.  Lets look back two cycles to November 27th.

And yet again this same exact system.  So you can see we are right on track with the pattern.  Check out my latest updated long range forecast below.




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Next Week:  Mild with showers on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  Warming up with thunderstorms that could be strong to severe next Thursday.  Cooling down a bit for Friday and Saturday.

March 26th-April 1st:  Are next system works in on Sunday with again chances for thunderstorms that could be strong to severe.  A little cooler for the beginning of the week before we warm up again by Wednesday and Thursday.  Another chances for severe thunderstorms on Thursday.  Then cooling back down for the weekend.

April 2nd-8th:  A mild to warm start to the week with thunderstorm chances on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Cooler and dry for the rest of the week.  Warmest temperatures on Tuesday and Wednesday with highs into the 70s.

April 9th-15th:  A warm start to the week with thunderstorms on Sunday and Monday that could be severe.  Great temperatures through the middle of the week with thunderstorm chances again by the weekend.  Warmest temperatures will be on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with highs well into the 80s.

April 16th-22nd:  Warm with thunderstorms that could be severe on Sunday and Monday.  Another system on Thursday and Friday with also strong to severe storms.  Most of the week, highs will be near 80 degrees.

April 23rd-29th:  A warming trend through the beginning of the week with thunderstorm chances on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Warm and dry the rest of the week.  Temperatures the second half of the week could press 90 degrees.

April 30th-May 6th:  A warm start to the week with thunderstorms on Sunday and Monday.  Some of these could be strong to severe.  Additional thunderstorm chances on Thursday with our next system working through.  Temperatures should be into the mid to upper 70s to near 80 degrees.

May 7th-13th:  Great temperatures most of the week with thunderstorms on Monday, Thursday and Friday.  Temperatures should be into the mid 80s to near 90 most of the week.

Quick Look at the summer:  I have concerns it will be hot and very dry!  Looking at this years pattern just screams heat waves!  The rest of May will mainly be in the 80s to near 90 for highs.  We will have a stretch of hot temperatures from June 8th-12th, the 15th-26th of June will also be another very hot stretch.  I will look into July and August in my next blog.