Good Monday night!  I hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed the great spring temperatures.  I got outside and did all kinds of things over the weekend in the yard.  I even got about 1/4 of the yard mowed before the thunderstorms hit me last night.  Part of the yard looks really nice!  We have much cooler temperatures that have settled in now and will be here for the next day or so before we start to warm back up.  We are still right on track with the pattern.  Remember, we are in a 49.5 day cycle this year.  That means what is going on today is similar to what we had about 50 days ago and 100 days ago and so on.  In fact, we are now in the 6 cycle of this this current stretch of being in this cycle length.  This 50ish day cycle will last until June or July before it takes a switch and becomes most likely a longer cycle for the next year.  Here is what today looks like.


I put a red circle around the wave that is rolling through.  The same wave the gave us all of the severe weather last night.  So lets go back 50 days.

Feb. 21st

We can evening go back 99 days, which would be 49.5 days.

January 3rd

You can see this same wave working through.  However, we do have another weak wave that will work in late Wednesday and Thursday.

Thursday 500

This wave is weak and will be lacking moisture.  It will give the central and southern plains some clouds and maybe a random shower or two.

Thursday precip

You can see not much in the way of moisture.  However, the next system that slowly presses in over the weekend will have a nice supply of moisture.  This system will just be disorganized.

Sunday 500

The energy will be very stretched out with will keep this system from becoming a big powerhouse.  However, if it can organize a bit, it could give us some good thunderstorms.  This will be something to be watch.


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Next Week:  Scattered thunderstorms that could be strong on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  The severe threat is low, but something to watch.  Mild temperatures the rest of the week with thunderstorm chances returning for the weekend.

April 24th-30th: Warming up with thunderstorm to start the week on Sunday and Monday.  A second system rolls in late Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  This second system could have strong to severe storms across the area.  Cooling down for the weekend.

May 1st-7th: Warm with thunderstorm chances that could be severe on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Mild and dry the rest of the week.

May 8th-14th: A warm start to the week with good chances for storms that could be severe on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Cooling down for the weekend.

May 15th-21st: Warm with thunderstorms on Sunday.  Mild temperatures Monday and Tuesday with slight chances for storms on Tuesday.  Warming back up the rest of the week with thunderstorm chances on Friday and Saturday that could be severe.

May 22nd-28th:  Warm through the first half of the week with thunderstorms on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Mild temperatures the second half of the week.

May 29th-June4th:  Mild temperatures with very slight chances for storms to start the week.  Warm the rest of the week with better chances for storms on Thursday.

June 5th-11th:  Warm with thunderstorm chances on Monday and Tuesday.  Staying warm through most of the week with additional thunderstorm chances on Thursday and Saturday.

June 12th-18th:  Warm with slight chances for thunderstorms each day this week as we work into more of a summertime pattern.