Good Thursday afternoon!  I hope your week is going great and looking forward to the holiday weekend.  It has been and active week with showers and thunderstorms and a ton of severe weather across the state of KS with numerous tornadoes over the past few days.  It looks like we are going to do it again today.  I actually have off the next 5 days and have zero plans of coming to work.  Well that is if we can stay out of the severe weather.  But we have plenty of severe weather that is going to be around over the next few days.  Lets look at this afternoon.


Here is 4pm.  We already of big time storms getting going across central KS and these will most likely drop tornadoes again this afternoon and evening.  I circled in the purple the highest threat for severe weather at this time and in the yellow the lower threat.  Lets move on to 6pm.


Thunderstorms will still be raging across central KS with the highest severe threat.  However, I do expect scattered storms across NE OK, SW MO and also NW MO. These storms could have some gusty winds and some hail associated with them.  Lets jump to 9pm.


The highest threat remains in central KS with a lower threat with scattered storms around it.  After 9pm, we will have to see if a complex develops and pushes east or if the storms just decide to fall apart.

On Friday afternoon we will see another severe weather set-up across the central plains.

Friday pm

I think the highest threat will be in NE TX and SE OK, but we will have a severe threat all the way north into SE KS and SW MO.  This is something I will watch through the day on Friday.  Thunderstorms will stick around into the weekend as well with at least a low severe threat sticking around.  I will keep you updated.



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Next week:  Scattered thunderstorms through the holiday weekend and into at least the middle of the week with warm temperatures.  We should dry out a bit late in the week.

June 5th-11th:  A mild start to the week with slight chances for thunderstorms on Sunday.  Mild and nice through the middle of the week with thunderstorms chances on Wednesday and Thursday.  Warm temperatures and mainly dry heading into the weekend.

June 12th-18th:  War with slight chances for thunderstorms to start the week.  We should stay warm most of the week with a few scattered thunderstorms during the middle of the week with hot temperatures by the weekend.

June 19th-25th:  A hot start to the week with a few thunderstorms by Tuesday that will cool us down for the middle of the week.  The rest of the week should be dry with great temperatures.

June 26th-July 2nd:  The heat returns with thunderstorm chances by the middle of the week.  As we see a couple waves work through, the chances for thunderstorms will last into the weekend.

July 3rd-9th:  Hot with a few thunderstorms to start the week, then hot and dry the rest of the week.

July 10th-16th:  Hot with slight chances for storms to start the week.  Stay hot most of the week with a slight chance for storms by the weekend.

July 17th-23rd:  Another hot week with very slight chances for thunderstorms on Wednesday.

July 24th- 30th:  Hot with slight chances for thunderstorms on Monday and Tuesday.