Good Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.  I hope your week has been great!  Mine is pretty good just busy as normal.  I am super bored with the weather.  August, September and October are so boring around here.  Our weather starts really picking back up in November and lasts into July.

Right now we have been dealing with the clouds from Irma.

The rain has stayed just east, but we have the thicker clouds.  However, Irma will eject out tomorrow and sunshine returns.

We will start a warming trend with temperatures around 90 into the weekend.  Next system will start to effect us on Saturday.

However, I think the better chances for rain will hold off until Saturday night and Sunday morning.  Next system after that is Tuesday.

This system will keep temperatures warm but rain chances around through the middle of the week.  So move to next Thursday, I want to look at the Heady Pattern or CPH (Cycling Pattern Hypothesis.

This is interesting.  The Jet Stream is getting strong and diving system into the central plains.  Now, we are still on the old pattern (The way systems react).  However, the new cycle has been going for a while but reacting to the old pattern.  The cycle is the amount of dates it takes for a system to repeat.  The new pattern will start here in about two weeks, so it will be very interesting to see how the new cycle reacts with the new pattern.  We have slid back into a La Nina, this places an important roll on how long the cycle will be.  This year we will be on a longer cycle once again.  I have it fairly well pegged out, but I still want to test it a couple more weeks.

Long range forecast below.




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Next Week:  Warm temperatures with mainly 80s through the week.  Mainly dry through the week.

September 17th-23rd:  A warm start to the week with rain chances through about Tuesday.  Mild 70s through the middle of the week with 80s returning late in the week.  Also rain chances for Thursday and Friday.

September 24th-30th:  A warm start with 80s at the beginning of the week.  A cool finish with highs into the 60s the second half of the week.  Rain chances on Monday and Tuesday.

October 1st-7th:  Cool most of the week with highs in the 50s and 60s. Rain chances on Sunday, Wednesday and Saturday.

October 8th-14th:  A cool start to the week with warmer temps by mid week into the 70s.  Cooling back down late in the week.  Rain chances on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.

October 15th-21st:  A cool start to the week with mild temperatures through the middle of the week.  Cooling right back down for the weekend.  Rain chances on Thursday.