Good early Saturday morning!  I wanted to get a blog in due to being out of town for a week.  I took the family to Colorado for a week which was a great family vacation.  I always think it is funny with Stacey who says yes I will help drive and 5 min later she is out cold.  So it is me on the open road with a 7 year trying to hang with his dad as he plays monster trucks on his on ipad (well my ipad, actually my work ipad, shh).  We went Denver, Vail to see my cousin for a few days and then off to Estes Park.  We went on a jeep tour that was actually pretty thrilling and white water rafting.  I think it is important to make my son do well you know manly stuff, ha ha.  Or at least get him experienced with pushing the limits that will let him know what his limits are.  I had a great time as I love anything with adventure.  Then comes the 12 hour drive home.  I was in the zone!  I was listening to a pod-cast of the capture of Bowe Bergdahl and I was at Salina before I knew it.  Stacey drove for a couple hours so I could relax and then I drove the home stretch.  So I am back for a few days as that was the warm-up before we drive to western Montana in a week, which is only 27 hours, piece of cake!

Well at least the temperatures haven’t been bad heading into the month of July and the holiday weekend.  However, we do have chances of thunderstorms.  Now we usually want chances of thunderstorms during the summer months, but not over the holiday weekend.  We will be watching batches of thunderstorms working through during the weekend.  This morning, thunderstorms will be working and passing by.  Lets look at mid morning as thunderstorms work through and pass NE.

9am precip

As a warm front pushes farther north during the afternoon, the heat and humidity kicks in and keeps most of the thunderstorms across NE KS, Northern MO.

late afternoon precip

Late tonight and into Sunday morning, a cold front will advance east and produce thunderstorms across the central plains.

Early Sunday morning

Thunderstorms across most of the region through Sunday morning.  As the cold front drags through Sunday afternoon, additional thunderstorms will pop up as well.

Sunday PM

However, it looks like cooler temperatures and less humidity will work in for the 4th.

I will updated you on the pattern here on the next blog tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Next Week:  Cooler for the 4th, however the heat really kicks in from Tuesday through the rest of the week.

July 10th-16th:  Hot and mainly dry with a few thunderstorms late in the week.

July 17th-23rd:  Another hot week with very slight chances for thunderstorms on Wednesday.

July 24th- 30th:  Hot with slight chances for thunderstorms on Monday and Tuesday.