I hope your Thursday is going great!  Mine hasn’t been to bad so far.  I am trying to get some work done and get my shows ready at the same time.  I didn’t get near the things that I wanted to get done at home today, but I always have tomorrow and the weekend is right around the corner.  The weather has been gloomy here the past few days.  We haven’t had much sun, but we did get a chance to dry out a bit today.  We have been dealing with this same system for the past several days.  This system isn’t done with us yet, it will still give us showers over the next few days.  Lets take a look at what is going on.

500 today

You can see the wonderful cut-off low spinning in northern Mexico.  Lets look at two cycles ago (100 days ago) in the Heady Pattern and you can also see the cut-off low.

Dec 1st

Here on December 1st, you can see the Jet Stream was well north in south Canada similar to now with the cut-off low across the central US.  If we go back 50 days (one cycle ago) we only got a small brief cut-off with a much stronger Jet Stream, but we had the same waves rolling through.

Jan 20th

The bottom line here is we are right on track with the pattern and this is going to affect us until we get a system to kick it out of here which will occur late in the weekend.  This means showers will be around on Friday as well.

Friday precip

As the cut-off on Friday starts lifting north, so to the showers once again.  These will be mainly showers with a few random thunderstorms, I am not expecting severe weather around here.  Much of the same on Saturday.

Saturday precip

And then finally the KICKER SYSTEM!

Saturday 500

here is late Saturday, the cut-off gets kicked out by the kicker system and finally gone!  Check out the long range forecast below.



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Next Week: A mild start to the week with a slight chances for showers on Tuesday and Wednesday.   A  little cooler the rest of the week with slight chances for rain returning by Saturday.

March 20th-26th: A mild start to the week with thunderstorm chances on Monday and Tuesday.  As an second wave works in, showers and thunderstorms possible on Wednesday and Thursday as well.  Cooler temperatures for the weekend.

March 27th-April 2nd: A mild start to the week with thunderstorm chances working in for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

April 3rd-9th: Warm with thunderstorms on Sunday and Monday. Some of these could be strong to severe to start the week. Mild temperatures with showers and thunderstorms sticking around into the middle of the week. Cooling down for the last few days of the week.

April 10th-16th: Mild temperatures through the week with a few waves working through. A few showers on Monday and a slight chance as well on Wednesday. Thunderstorm chances for Friday and Saturday.

April 17th-23rd: Mild with slight chances for thunderstorms on Monday. Up and down temperatures most of the week with thunderstorm chances returning for Saturday.

April 24th-30th: Mild and dry through the first half of the week with thunderstorms on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

May 1st-7th: Mainly a mild with just slight chances for showers on Sunday and Monday. The rest of the week will be mainly dry.

May 8th-14th: Warm with thunderstorms to start the week that could be strong to severe. The second half of the week should be calm and mild.

May 15th-21st: A mild start to the week with thunderstorms on Sunday and Monday. Warm with severe storms possible on Wednesday with our next system. The rest of the week looks good.