I hope your holidays have been great and are gearing up for the New Year.  It is funny as you get older you don’t care about going out and tearing up the town like you used to in your 20s.  A nice dinner with friends and hanging out sounds pretty good to me.  I can’t believe it is almost 2017!  Where did 2005 go?  It is amazing how the years pick up as you get older.  Spring will be here soon and sling shot us into summer.  Before we know it we will be buying pumpkins and I will be writing I can’t believe it is almost 2018.

Well, the weather has been fairly calm over the past several days.  Lets look at our next system rolling in.

You can see the system across the pacific NW.  This will produce snow once again across western Montana who has been hit pretty hard over the past couple of weeks.  This system will be a weak version once it makes it here on Saturday.

Any moisture with this system really won’t get going until the front rolls through.  This means we will just see some clouds and briefly cool down for about 12-18 hours and that is about it.  However, that wonderful arctic air is lingering and ready to plow back to the south.  Lets jump into next Tuesday.

You can see the Jet Stream in purple take a huge dip from western Canada and curls up through the southern plains.  This allows that cold arctic air to slide south across the region.  Now one cycle ago in early November, we didn’t have the arctic air, but we had the same set-up and that shows that we are right on track with the Heady Pattern.  Look at the colder air crashing south by Tuesday and Wednesday.

The cold arctic air will stick around the rest of the week.  We will have a wave that slides in next Friday and Saturday.  With the cold air in place this will give us some snow chances that I will keep my eyes on.  By the following week, the arctic air will go back to retreating and then sliding back south as storm systems roll in.  Make sure you check out the long range forecast below.





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Next Week:  Arctic air returns by Tuesday with very slight chances for a shower or snow shower.  The arctic air sticks for the rest of the week with snow chances on Friday and Saturday.

January 9th-14th:  A cold start to the week with our next storm system rolling in by Tuesday.  We will warm up a bit ahead of the storm system giving us rain and snow chances on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Cold air returns for the rest of the week.

January 15th-21st:  A mild start to the week with rain chances on Tuesday and Wednesday.  If we can get any colder air on the backside of the system, we could have some wintry weather to end the system.  Cold the rest of the week, but warming up for Saturday.

January 22nd28th:  Rain and snow chances return from Sunday through Tuesday.  Another system with rain chances for Friday and Saturday.

January 29th-February 4th:  The first half of the week will be mainly cold with slight chances for snow on Monday.  Rain and snow chances return on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

February 5th-11th:  Mainly a cold week with slight chances for snow on Monday.  Another system on Friday with slight chances for rain or snow.

February 12th-18th:  The first half of the week will be mainly cold with a warm up late in the week with rain chances on Thursday and possible snow chances on Friday.  Cooling back down for the weekend.

February 19th-25th:  A cool start to the week with a warm up by the middle of the week.  Rain chances on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.