I hope your week has started off great!  Mine has been pretty good.  I had a great fast trip to Boston and Cape Cod over the past few days.  The weather there was fantastic, actually a lot better then what we had here in the mid west with all of the rain over the weekend.  At least we have rebounded today with great temperatures expect the northern plains with the snow going on up there.

This system the is shifting through just doesn’t have a ton of moisture to work with.  So in return, we are just seeing snow in the northern plains and that is about it.  I do have my concerns for winter lovers for this winter.  We have a very active pattern but we aren’t getting any blocking.


I am looking at the top section here is this is what is called the AO.  We need this guy to go negative.  Well it has been pretty much on the positive side.  As long as it stays pretty much positive, we will struggle all winter to get much cold air pushing south.  This means we will continue to see big rain makers and not much snow makers.  I do think it will go negative some, but not much.  We will get a few storms and they could be decent size storms, but we aren’t going to get hit over and over again this winter.  So when we get the winter weather we much enjoy it.  Lets look at the system pushing through now.

500 tomorrow

You can see this big upper level system that is bringing colder air south.  This is the same system we saw back on October 28th.  Remember we have seen this system cycle through about 3 times now.

October 28th

So this should be a northern plains system like it has been in the past.  On the surface you can see the snow across the northern plains.

Surface tomorrow

Next week gets a little more interesting.  We have two systems that will push out into our area.  The first will be early in the week with the second on Christmas Eve.  We could see some wintry weather in the central plains.  I am digging into this one right now.  We will talk about this next!



Rest of the week:  Much cooler and mainly dry.

Next Week:  Rain chances return on Sunday and Monday.  Staying fairly mild through the first half of the week.  Rain moves back in on Wednesday with a rain/snow mix or snow on Christmas Eve.  This is something we want to watch.  Turning cooler for the holiday weekend with slight chances for rain and snow over the weekend.

December 27th-2nd:  Cool with slight chances for rain or snow to start the week.  A bigger system will work in on Tuesday and Wednesday with rain and snow chances.  Cold and dry for the rest of the week.

January 3rd-9th:  Mild with rain chances to start the week.  Cooler temperatures with wintry weather possible on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Staying cool and mainly dry the rest of the week.

January 10th-16th:  Mild temperatures return with rain chances for the middle of the week.  This system will be interesting as it will be prolonged and could have wintry weather on the backside by the weekend.