Good Tuesday morning!  I hope you have tried to avoid all of the flooded waters over the past couple of days.  It is definitely one amazing site to see.  Anyone who is directly effected by the flooding, thoughts and prayers are with you.  Now we have the cold temperatures that will stick around for the next few days, ugh.  Lets go off on a tangent for a second.  I know some Broncos fans around here.  I was really hoping for a Broncos loss last night for 2 reasons.  One, it would give the chiefs full control of the division.  Two, it would have been the 3rd loss in a row by the Broncos.  I am a Manning fan even though I am a die hard Chiefs fan.  I just don’t want to see Manning go out this way, so I wanted a loss to see Manning get back into some games this year.  I don’t want to see one of the best of all time go down like this.  The Chiefs need to win to lock the 5 spot this weekend.  I would much rather go on the road and play Houston then go to the Broncos on the Bengals.

Another cold day for most of the midwest today.  Lets look at where we are in the Heady Pattern.  Here is the upper level map for today.

500 Today

The big system over the weekend is now a weak wave over the Great lakes and we have a second wave digging across Texas.  However, the second wave has very little moisture to work with.  Lets go back to November 11th.

November 11th

You can see this exact same wave digging into Texas.  The first time around it had moisture, but the second time around the first wave stole all of the moisture.  I think most of us are ok with that after this past weekend, lol.  However, you can see we are right on track with the Heady Pattern as we should be!!!!!  This wave will still produce some snow showers tonight across the central plains.

Precip tonight

We will have to see where the band of snow sets up, but accumulations will be light.  It looks like a dusting to 1″ in the heaviest band.  I would say north of I-44 to KC would be in the dusting to 1″ band.  The colder temperatures with calm conditions stick around into the new year.  We will start to see the action once again as we work into next week.

Let me post what happened on November 17th which would be roughly next Tuesday.

November 17th

You can see a cut-off low developed across the Rocky Mountain states and produced a storm system.  However, the main Jet Stream was still well to the north.  Some form this will happen again next week.  The models are having a hard time with this.  I don’t think we will have a strong cut-off low, but I do think some for of a system will kick out like this next week.  So lets watch it and I will keep you updated.


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New Years: Cold and mainly dry.  40s return over the weekend.

January 3rd-9th:  Staying cool to start the week with some rain chances on Wednesday and Thursday.  We will see if any cold air can work in to give us any wintry weather chances.  As colder air works in late in the week we will see some additional rain and snow chances on Saturday.

January 10th-16th:  A cold start to the week with mild temperatures quickly returning.  Rain chances increase for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  A second system works in for the weekend with rain and snow chances.

January 17th-23rd:  Cool with rain and snow chances on Sunday and Monday.  Staying cold through the middle of the week with mild temperatures toward the weekend.  Also slight chances for rain by the weekend.