Good Tuesday evening!  Or happy Halloween!  I went to my sons school party today but didn’t get a chance to take him out trick or treating after I had surgery on my ankle last week.  I don’t think I would be able to keep up with him.  However, I am SURE I can still swipe some of his candy!!!!  Well, what a raw nasty evening.  We have even had a few snow showers in our northern counties.  Lets go over what the next few days look like and then talk about the pattern and long range forecast.  We will warm up over the next few days.  In fact I think we will be well into the 70s on Thursday.

On Friday, another cold front slides through with a few showers.

A few showers on Friday, but this front shoots north on Saturday and we soar back into the 70s.  I bet we hit 80 on Sunday.

So lets look at the pattern.  Lets look at the upper levels for Wednesday.

The Jet Stream is getting stronger. You can see all of the storm system lining up.  Remember we have been in the new cycle now for almost 3 months, but the new pattern has been going on for about a month now.  When I look at it, it should be much more active than the past two winters.  The set-up you see above is going to give us big arctic blasts of air and with the active Jet Stream, it should set us up for some pretty good snows.  I will do my winter forecast about a month out from Winter, so around Thanksgiving.  Check out my long range forecast below.




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Next Week:  A couple system work through the first half of the week with mild temperatures and rain chances.  A third wave with a few showers for Friday and Saturday.

November 12th-18th:  A cool and dry start to the week with mild temperatures returning by Tuesday.  Rain chances on Tuesday through Friday with colder temperatures by the weekend.

November 19th-25th:  A cold start to the week with mild temperatures by the middle of the week.  Rain chances Wednesday through Friday with cooler temps by the weekend.

November 26th-December 2nd:  Mainly a cool week with rain chances on Tuesday and Wednesday, then again on Friday and Saturday.

December 3rd-9th:  A mild start to the week with rain chances on Tuesday and Wednesday with much colder temperatures working in the second half of the week.

December 10th-16th:  Cold through the week with rain or snow chances to start to the week.  Additional rain and snow chances on Wednesday and Thursday.