This is my first and very quick blog post.  Let me explain why.  It is 12:47am and I get this across my screen.


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This isn’t what somebody wants when they are working, lol.


I will have to do another blog shortly.

Lets explain the Heady Pattern.  The pattern sets up the 3rd week of September, it is ALMOST SET.  The pattern is how storm system react.  That is the key, how are storm systems going to react for the next year.  The pattern will start to morph into the new pattern next August which will take about 6 weeks.  Now with-in the pattern, each year their is a recurring cycle.  The cycle is the length that storm systems repeat.  The cycle doesn’t set-up the same time the pattern does.  Depending on El Nino or La Nina, the cycle can set up as early as May or as late as July 15th.  Because we are in a strong El Nino this year the new cycle decided to set up around July 10th-15th.  Usually in a strong El Nino we have a little shorter cycle which would fall in the 45-55 day range.  In a strong La Nina it is in the 55-65 day range.  In a neutral year it usually is in the 50-60 day range.  This year should fall in the 50-55 day range.  I am going to go much more in depth with the Heady Pattern and what to expect over the next several weeks.  I will expand this across the nation.  Due to internet out of control I better sign out.