Good Tuesday night!  I hope you have had a great week so far and staying cool from the heat and the humidity.  Most of us have been dealing with this for about 2 weeks now with no big relief over the next several day.  I think it is terrible outside during the middle of the afternoon.  If your at a pool or the lake it isn’t that bad, but anything else it isn’t much fun.  At least most of that time I am inside working in the wonderful AC this week.  However, I do need to get outside and mow my what is slowly becoming a crunchy grass in my yard.  The heat and humidity will stick around until our ridge of high pressure breaks down.

wednesday 500

This high pressure will dominate our weather for at least the next 4 or 5 days.  So again on Wednesday, expect very hot conditions.

Wednesday temperatures

Most areas will also see heat indices up around the 105-108 range.  Thankfully we will see a cold front that will work south on Thursday that will fire off a few scattered thunderstorms.

Thursday precip

This front will stall and lift back toward the north on Friday.  A second cold front will work in on Sunday and Monday with additional scattered thunderstorms.  This front should be able to work farther south and actually drop our temps down into the upper 80s because our ridge should work back toward the west.

Sunday 500

Because this ridge of high pressure works back toward the west, our temperatures will cool down just a bit.

Our pattern is still right on target as it should be as it slowly morphs from this current one into the new one by the 3rd week of September.  Now remember, we have been in the 49 day cycle since last July.  This 49 day cycle will still show itself for about 2 more months and maybe even a little longer.  However, our new cycle has already started and will get stronger over the next 2 months.  It is hard to see right now due to it being the summer and it is brand new.  I am continuing to watch it and pegging it down as it develops over the next month or so.  I will keep you updated on that.  Right now we will have to deal with a hot summer.  Because we will see this persistent ridge for July and August we will struggle to get a lot of rain with cold fronts very often this far south.  We will start to see a shift by mid to late August but until this we will stay steady.  The only other way to get much relief is a tropical system moving up from the Gulf of Mexico.



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Next Week:  Warm to hot through the middle of the week with rain chances on Sunday and Monday.  Another cold front will try to sag south the second half of the week with scattered thunderstorms Wednesday through Saturday.

July 3rd-9th:  Hot temperatures return with mainly dry conditions.  A slight chances for a few thunderstorms late in the week but mainly dry.

July 10th-16th:  Hot and mainly dry with a few thunderstorms late in the week.

July 17th-23rd:  Another hot week with very slight chances for thunderstorms on Wednesday.

July 24th- 30th:  Hot with slight chances for thunderstorms on Monday and Tuesday.