Good Tuesday night!  I hope everyone had a great 4th!  Mine was pretty good.  I hit the lake on Saturday which was a great time.  Of course if you are a lake person, you know the lake is loaded on holidays.  On Sunday, my son and I had a great time blowing stuff up.  Of course the heat really kicked in for us today and will be sticking around for the next several days.  It is July and it is hot and humid.  We are used to this across the central US during the summer months but I guess do you ever really get used to it?  We are stuck in the heat right now due to the Jet being well north with a night area of high pressure over us.

Wednesday 500

However, with waves passing through the north central plains, we are getting thunderstorms diving south at times.  Late tonight and Wednesday morning, some scattered thunderstorms will dive farther south.

late tonight

Scattered thunderstorms into the morning hours and then hot and humid again.  Most areas will warm into the mid 90s with the heat index up around 110.

Wednesday temperaturesy

By late Friday, we finally get a cold front to briefly dig a little farther south with a few scattered thunderstorms.

Friday precip

Remember we have been in the same pattern since last September.  We will stay in this current pattern until this coming September.  However, we have now switched into our new cycle.  Or shall I say our new cycle has begun.  Our old 49 day cycle will still show itself for a couple more months as it slowly dies and the new cycle will slowly get stronger and stronger.  We also have La Nina that is finally now after a little back and forth play getting stronger.  This will also help our new cycle get much stronger at a quicker pace.  Of course I will keep you updated on this.

For the rest of the summer:  We can expect the heat and humidity with above average temperatures.  The rain will slowly taper less and less through the months of July and August.

Early Fall:  Will be above average temperatures with actually below average precip.

Late Fall:  Average temperatures with below average precip.

Winter:  Below average temperatures, so a cold winter.  With above average precip, meaning more snow.


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Next Week:  Hot and humid through the week once again.  We will have chances for thunderstorms on Friday and Saturday.

July 17th-23rd:  A warm start to the week with the hot temperatures working back in by the middle of the week.  Warm temperatures to end the week with thunderstorms chances from Wednesday through Saturday.

July 24th- 30th:  Warm through the first half of the week with thunderstorm chances on Sunday and Monday.  Hot and dry the second half of the week.

July 31st-August 6th:  Hot and dry most of the week.

August 7th-13th:  Hot and dry most of the week.  A few thunderstorms possible by Friday and Saturday.

August 14th-20th:  Hot once again with thunderstorms possible Wednesday through Saturday.

August 21st-27th:  Warm with hot temperatures working in late in the week.  Just slight chances for thunderstorms on Thursday and Saturday.