I hope your week so far has been great!  Mine hasn’t been to bad.  I have been fighting my migraines the past couple of days but nothing to serious.  I am still on a high from my Chiefs on Sunday.  I was so frustrated I actually got up and left and went to the store to get salmon to cook on the grill.  Oh the salmon was amazing!  Nothing better than indirect heat on a weber charcoal grill.  But a true fan really never leaves.  So I had the radio on and listened and was back home by the beginning of the 4th with a 27-10 score.  I watch Alex Smith get picked off as a passed pounced off Maclin’s chest.  I knew at that point we were done.  However, San Diego misses a field goal and my Chiefs quickly go down and score a touchdown.  A few minutes later a field goal and have a chance to tie with about 2:00 left in the game.  The Chiefs quickly drive down and boom in the endzone.  27-27, lets go to OT.  Chiefs march down the field and Alex runs it in and tops off a 21 point comeback.  IT was absolutely amazing.  I don’t know why I am such a fan but games like that are amazing.

The weather has been pretty nice over the past few days.  We do have thunderstorm chances in the forecast, but nothing that is real widespread like we saw last week.  A cold front drops south Wednesday.  This will produce some afternoon scattered thunderstorms.


On Thursday, this front lifts back north, so more scattered thunderstorms.


Then the next wave rolls in on Friday and Saturday.


I don’t think any of these are going to produce real heavy rains or any thing very widespread.  Just scattered thunderstorms with not much in the way of strong or severe thunderstorms.

Lets look at the pattern.  The new 2016-2017 Heady Pattern is almost set.  It will be completely set around September 20th.  Now the new cycle has already been cycling since gosh, I need to look but at least a little over 2 months.  The old 49 day cycle from last year has been completely dead for a good month.  So the new cycle is going strong and it is a little longer than last years cycle.  I will start showing you the exact cycle on upcoming blogs.  I wanted the pattern to set with a stronger Jet Stream here in the next week or so.  Lets look at a model forecast for next Thursday.  This model doesn’t mean much but you can see interesting things.


The Jet Stream is in purple and we have a split Jet.  One way north and the second dipping way south.  The one dipping way south shows me how storms system will like move in this pattern.  Plus, the next cycle we won’t have the split Jet which will allow this system over the Dakotas to dive much farther south into the SW.  Also in the green you can see out west how the Jet dives into the lower 48.  These are all interesting signs of the new pattern.  This is actually very exciting for the weather geek in me, ha ha.





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Next Week:  A warm week with scattered thunderstorms Tuesday through Saturday.

September 25th-October 1st:  Mild temperatures to start the week with a warm finish.  Rain chances on Thursday and Saturday.

October 2nd-8th:  Another mild start to the week with a warm finish.  Rain chances on Sunday, Monday and Saturday.

October 9th-15:  A mild start to the week with cooler temperatures working in for the middle of the week.  We will warm back up a bit toward the weekend.  Rain chances on Sunday and Monday, then again on Saturday.

October 16th-22nd:  Storm system rolls in on Sunday and Monday with rain chances.  Turns much colder through the middle of the week.  This could be our first frost!  Mild temperatures return for the late week with rain chances by the weekend.

October 23rd-29th:  A mild start to the week with rain chances on Sunday and Monday.  The rest of the week dry with mild temperatures.