Good Tuesday night!  I hope your week is going great so far.  Mine has been super busy but pretty good, no complaints.  However, the days are flying by like always.

The weather has been pretty good over the past few days.  However, we are going to start to cool down a bit over the next few days.  Temperatures cooler Wednesday, but still not bad.

Let me show you where we are in the pattern.  We sit at a 57 days cycle this year, so take a look at the upper level map.

You can see the Jet Stream in purple passing right over us with a three main waves.  Pacific NW, Mexico, and the NE.  Lets go back 57 days.

You can see the very similar look on December 5th, that we have today.  Our next wave rolls in on Saturday.

This will give us a few showers, but a much stronger system rolls in on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.  Yes the arctic air returns.

You can see the storm system diving south with the cold arctic air.

Well those temps look like fun!

Check out my long range forecast below.




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Next Week:  A nice mild start to the week with rain chances on Tuesday.  With cold arctic air returning on Wednesday, we could see a little light snow.  Temperatures will warm up a bit by the weekend with rain chances returning.

February 12th-18th:  Rain and snow chances on Sunday and Monday with colder temperatures working back in.  Mild temps work back in late week with rain chances on Saturday.

February 19th-25th:  Mild with rain chances on Monday and Tuesday.  Turning cooler with snow chances on Wednesday.  Staying cold the rest of the week with slight chances for snow on Friday.

February 26th-March 4th:  A cool start to the week with rain and snow chances on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Staying cold the rest of the week.

March 5th-11th:  A cool start to the week with chances for rain on Sunday.  Mild temperatures return by mid-week with rain chances on Thursday.