Good Tuesday night!  I hope you have had a great day so far.  Mine has been pretty, busy but good.  Work has been crazy with computers issues.  Computers are amazing until they cross you and start messing up!

Scattered thunderstorms have been popping up over the past couple of days across the central plains.  We still have scattered thunderstorms tonight and we will see this again on Wednesday.  A cold front is shifting south across the central plains with some nice tropical moisture in place allowing thunderstorms to fire off.  Scattered showers and thunderstorms will still be around in the morning hours, but pick up along the front during the afternoon.

Wednesday pm

I am not expecting any severe storms, but strong storms are definitely possible.  Also we could see some heavy amounts of rain with some of the thunderstorms that pop-up.  As the front sags south, it will take all of the thunderstorms with it.  You can see by Thursday morning, the thunderstorms shift into the southern plains.

Thursday AM

Also, take a look across the Gulf.  We have a tropical storm that will make landfall on Thursday afternoon with gusty winds and heavy rains.  Behind the cold front, we will see great weather with cooler temperatures and less humidity.  A nice stretch of dry weather lasting into the holiday weekend with a slow warming trend.

Lets see what is going above the surface.

Thursday 500

We are looking at Thursday.  We have warmer air building out to the west with cooler air in place across the central plains.  However, watch what happens by next Tuesday.


We have the warm air in place, but look at the Jet Stream diving out west.  This is interesting to see.  We are still in our old pattern but morphing into the new pattern which is completely in place here in about 1 month.  However, the new cycle(length between systems) is already in place.  We can see the morphing as the Jet Stream has shifted farther west compared to where it should be with the old pattern.  That interest me greatly as the new pattern takes shape.  Because the cycle is in place and has gone through a complete cycle, we just need to wait one more month for the pattern to set.  Then I can see how the two work together and get everything nailed down for fall, winter and spring.  I will keep you updated.



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Next Week:  Heating back up with temperatures fairly hot most of the week.  We will have chances for scattered storms on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Temperatures cool down a bit for the weekend.

September 11th-17th:  A mild start to the week with warmer temperatures working in by the second half of the week.  Slight chances for thunderstorms on Monday and then again late in the week.

September 18th-24th:  Chances for showers and thunderstorms on Sunday and Monday with cooler temperatures working in through the middle of the week.  Warming up late in the week with rain chances on Friday and Saturday.

September 25th-October 1st:  A mild start to the week with rain chances on Monday and Tuesday.  Cooler temperatures work in for the middle of the week with a warming trend late in the week.  Rain chances again for Friday and Saturday.

October 2nd-8th:  A cool start to the week with mild temperatures for the second half of the week.  Most of the week should be on the dry side.