Good Friday afternoon!  I hope your week has been great!  I have been in the hospital the past few days in Chicago getting migraine treatment.  So I guess my week could be going a little better, lol.  The main goal here is to break up the cycle of my daily migraines and in a sense reset my computer (brain).  However, I have been just sicker than a dog the past few days due to the IV treatments that they have been giving me.  I did make it through the Chiefs game last night and I am super proud of my team for making it to first place in the AFC West.  Now we just need to hold it.  I will be up here for many more days and when the doctors feel like I have made some progress, then I get to go home.  So I am trying to get some work done from here.  However, check this out.  A storm system is rolling through starting tomorrow through Monday and the Chicago area is going to pick up some snow.  If you know me I love snow.  Looks like a good 6-10″ is likely.  Heck yeah!

So yeah, I will take that.  I haven’t seen potentially this much snow in a few years with our lack of bigger snows over the past few winters in Joplin.  However, the cold temperatures have been in place across the central and southern plains over this past week.  Looks like another cold night tonight.

At least temperatures warm up some tomorrow.

Plus another storm system rolls in on Sunday.  However we should be on the rain side.

You can see the rain increasing on Saturday night.  By noon on Sunday, it continues to pick up.

Most of the cold rain should exit by Sunday evening.

Our next storm system down the road should move in next Wednesday.  Lets take a look.

You can see the big storm system in southern Canada in Yellow.  Then we have the wave rolling through right on top of us.  Lets go back to October 20th about 55 days prior.  The Jet Stream was much weaker but the same part of the pattern.

We had that same wave dipping through.  This time around we need to see how much moisture we have and how cold will we be.

As of right now we have a chance for a wintry mix.  So I will keep my eyes on this over the next several days.  Remember my long range forecast is below.




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Next Week:  Rain chances on Sunday and then cool through most of the week.  A wintry mix possible on Wednesday with cold temperatures returning across the area.  Cold temperatures stick around through the weekend.

December 18th-Christmas Eve:  A quick warm up right at the beginning of the week ahead of our next storm system.  Cool temperatures return on Monday with rain or snow chances.  Staying cool through Wednesday with mild temperatures returning into Christmas Eve.

December 26th-New Years Eve:  A mild start to the week with rain and snow chances on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Cold and dry the rest of the week.

January 1st-8th:  A mild start to the week with slight chances for rain on Monday.  Then cold temperatures work in with slight chances for snow by Saturday.

January 9th-14th:  The first half of the week will be cold and dry.  Mild with rain chances on Thursday with colder temperatures for Friday and Saturday with slight chances for snow.

January 15th-21st:  Another cool week with rain or snow chances on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.