Good Wednesday evening! I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend and a fantastic 4th.  It was to bad we had so many showers on the 4th, but at least it was spotty.  I went to the lake for several days with friends and family.  It was a great time, but the boat is giving me a few fits.  BOAT=Bring On Another Thousand.  I am hitting the lake again tonight, so I will be out of the office for the next week.  I will be checking in, so you can’t get rid of me completely.

All of the showers have been dying off and we will dry out over the next few days.  Also temperatures will really heat up with the humidity for the rest of the week.  We will see a cold front slide in late Friday with a few scattered showers and thunderstorms Friday night and Saturday.

With this front, we will cool down a bit on Saturday as the front slips just south of the region.  However, it will be short lived as the front turns back around and heads back north on Sunday.  Then the heat really starts to kick in next week.  Temperatures will climb through the 90s with heat indices well above 100 degrees.  This is all due to a big ridge of high pressure that will push in.  Take a look at Monday.

You can see the west coast system, the huge heat wave ridge over the central plains, and then the east coast system.  Now this is right on track with the Heady Pattern, or CPH (Cycling Pattern Hypothesis).  Gary Lezak and I are the founders of this pattern.  We have always called this pattern different names due to having some different ideas.  However, we are trying to combine our patterns as a team and looks like we will call it the CPH.  I will keep you updated on that.  Remember, we are on a 57 day cycle.  However, the cycle is now in the process of a morphing into the new cycle for the next year to come.  We will also talk more about that change in the future.  So lets go back one cycle or about 57 days.

On May 14th, you can see the west coast system, ridge in the central US, and east coast system.  Lets go back another 57 days to March 18th.

As you can see, the same set-up once again.  We can continue to go back another cycle to January 23rd.

The jet stream was at top strength in January, but you can still see the exact same set-up.  I find this super cool!   So I know this will repeat once again here in about 57 days.

Long Range Forecast Below




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Next Week:  Hot and humid with a few isolated pop-up storms.  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday look to be mainly dry.

July 23rd-29th:  A hot start to the week, but cooling back down into the 80s through most of the week.  We will have scattered showers and thunderstorms as a front sinks in and stalls over us from Monday through Thursday.  The heat and humidity will return for the weekend.

July 30th-August 5th:  A hot week with high near 100 if not into the 100s.  Very slight chances for thunderstorms on Monday and Tuesday.

August 6th-12th:  Another hot week with highs in the 90s to near 100.  A few pop-up storms on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

August 13th-19th:  Mainly a hot week with highs into the 90s.  Thunderstorm chances on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

August 20th-26th:  A hot first half of the week but a warm second half.  Thunderstorms or pop-up storms Monday through Thursday.

August 27th-September 2nd:  A warm start to the week with a hot finish with high near 100 degrees.  Mainly dry through the week.

 I will extend the long range forecast through the entire summer here in the next day or two.